Frequently asked questions

Do all colleges take students in HSPS?
— All Colleges except Peterhouse.

Is there any subject preference or requirement for A-levels?
— No particular A-levels are required, as HSPS brings together humanities and biological and social sciences.

Does the course offer opportunities for fieldwork?
— Yes there are opportunities for fieldwork in all Arch and Anth subjects when you will be working on your dissertation, and there is extensive fieldwork that is organised for students especially by the Division of Archaeology.

Does the course have a practical component?
— Yes there are practicals in both archaeology and biological anthropology, plus see fieldwork opportunities (see above).

Can I take the course as a joint honours course with another subject?'
— No at Cambridge there are no joint Honours degrees, but the HSPS course is broad and flexible enough to allow the study of many other subjects such as Sociology and Politics.

What could I do in a gap year to prepare for Arch and Anth?
— Learning foreign languages, or volunteering to work in Museums, on excavations, or for NGOs may be particularly useful.