Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge

What makes us human? Is there such a thing as human nature? Why are human societies so different? What is culture? How do we find out about the past when there was no writing? How can we understand cultural diversity in contemporary world? 

If questions such as these absorb and interest you, so could the broad-ranging Archaeology and Anthropology options within the Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS) Tripos.

This is a unique course in which you can begin by studying either a range of different subjects, or by focusing straight away on your particular interest. Either way, you will graduate with deep specialisation in one or two of the available subjects. The Department comprises three connected disciplines: archaeology (including Ancient Near East subjects), social anthropology, biological anthropology. Researchers and research students from our Department work in almost all parts of the world.

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               - Archaeology
                       - Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia studies
               - Biological Anthropology
               - Social Anthropology